Learn historical swordfighting!

Throughout history, every culture developed methods of combat-- and for the same reasons.  Although the martial arts of Italy fell into obscurity for various reasons, they were every bit as sophisticated and effective as their Asian counterparts. For centuries they have been waiting in forgotten manuscripts to be rediscovered and brought back to life.  These are real martial arts, practiced by real martial artists.

No Contracts - No Testing Fees - No Rank Fees - No Children

Our Training Hall is not a place for children. This is a comprehensive system of combat designed to impart the most skill in the least amount of time. We strive for historical accuracy, and our emphasis is always on combative realism. This is not any kind of roleplaying or re-enactment group. International competitions exist for everything we do-- but participation is not a requirement.

Our goal is to recreate the historical martial arts of renaissance Italy as accurately as we can, contributing to the restoration and popularization of these forgotten arts. We believe our interpretations provide a balanced and well-rounded set of martial skills that people can depend upon in the modern world. If it worked then, it must work now... and it's not worth doing if it doesn't work.

Prior martial arts experience is not necessary.

Group Class Schedule

On Sundays we have 2 back-to-back 90-minute sessions.
You can attend either, or both.

11:00 AM Fundamentals

Offensive and defensive actions, guards, body mechanics, footwork and terminology will be covered in depth. Beginners will feel completely comfortable in these sessions, but the Fundamentals will benefit students of all levels.

12:30 PM Advanced

These sessions cover our many forms, advanced concepts such as tactics and strategy, and will have freeplay. Beginners can attend these sessions, but may have to watch more than participate until they can follow along.

Considering storms, snow, and other emergencies, you are advised to check our Facebook page before you start driving, in case class time has to be changed or cancelled.

For general questions about training, fee, etc. please email EMA.STLOUIS@gmail.com

We train at The Martial Arts Academy, 6166 Morganford Avenue, St. Louis 63116

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