Ken Harding has been a martial arts practitioner for more than 30 years. Half of those years he was a full-time instructor, teaching to hundreds of students. 

In the 1990's he was well-acquainted with swords, armored combat, grappling, daggers, staves, spears and other polearms. After having awarded the 'Shidoshi' teaching credential from Soke Hatsumi of Chiba Japan, he opened a full-time martial arts school in 1991, and spent the next fifteen years teaching six hours per day six days per week-- to adults but not to children-- devoting his time to nothing but teaching and improving.

Ken Harding has invested more than 30,000 hours to the study and perfection of combative arts. He constantly strives to test and improve his art and refine methods of teaching and training. Not a believer in 'fast promotions', his students have always been regarded as worthy of their ranks, because his requirements are both stringent and realistic.

Starting in 2006 he began been teaching part time, and since 2011 his focus has changed to Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), particularly the Bolognese system of combative arts. He's joined others who have been working diligently to resurrect ancient and forgotten fighting systems that deserve to live again.